Sunday, 19 May 2013

Decreasing employees for manufacturing in Australia

Australia is the 12th richest country in the world – up three places in the last few years. We are very often told that Australia is the envy of the Developed Countries. Why shouldn’t we wait until or unless  Australia shows signs of a collapse before we plan remedial action?

 There is an easy answer to that. By then it would be too late. The late Lance Endersbee produced a DVD with a warning and a very constructive forward plan in 1996. Take a peek at Are We Missing the Asian Century? and then come back.
 In the 2013 Federal Budget we were told that the Mining Boom was fading and we were in a transition phase for other industries to take over. There were almost no details but someone mentioned manufacturing and agriculture. The two graphs tell me that we have no chance. Please tell me how Australia can survive and move ahead. 

The detailed graph of some countries showing the percentage increase of GDP indicates that Mexico - one of the countries we passed  now currently is growing almost double the rate of Australia. 

An economist is needed to analyse the graph entitled "The Weakness of a Developed Country" as shown in Tariff Protection to determine the ability of Australia to reverse the graph of imported manufacture and turn it into a similar curve for exported manufacture. This would enable Australia to take advantage of the Asian Century. Currently the Asians and others are taking full advantage of the Asian Century by exporting manufactured products (and food) into Australia. 

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