Tuesday, 21 May 2013

History of Australian Manufacturing

At the turn of the 20th century Australia rose on the sheep's back. As that situation started to change manufacturing expanded because of the tyranny of distance made imports very expensive.

World War II saw another tyranny - the threat of invasion. Manufacturing growth was a life or death imperative.

After the war Australia enjoyed the influence of Australian patriots like Lance Endersbee who started his working life on the Snowy River Scheme. His story of his involvement in  thwarting Sate Governments trying to scuttle the project is inspiring.

Near the end of his life he could see the future of Australia taking advantage of The Asian Century by the plan he released in 1997 which we have given the unfortunate title of "Have we missed the Asian Century?"

In a DVD he released in 1996 Lance told that Australia needed to maintain its level of manufacturing and agriculture. Both have since reduced considerably since then.

Current manufacturing history is a combination of politicians and at least one economist telling how well manufacturing ie going to achieve as more manufacturing is being imported (see graph) as manufacturing employees are reducing as shown on the HOME page.

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